Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Paper Robot Craft

Holy crud! I always liked paper sculpture and origami as a kid. To take an ordinary piece of paper and turn it into a three dimensional object was magic to me. When Star Wars came out, I couldn't wait for the toys so I just made my own Tie Fighters and X-wings. I even made a Star Destroyer. I attempted a Millenium Falcon but it almost killed me. I was in seventh grade at the time mind you. So this link blows me away with all of the intricate models people have engineered and perfected all on their own. With the computers and color printers I guess anything is possible. It sure beats a 1970s marker.

Paper Robots!

Paper everything else!


mark kennedy said...

Those are cool. I wish I had the patience to fold those things...I always get a quarter of an inch off and then it's all ruined.

John S. said...

Holy crap!!!
This guy's a genius!
Can you imagine the patience this requires?

bsleven said...

Hi Jeff,

It was great to catch ya at the show last night. : )

Love your Blog Man!

I'm going to link to you. :)