Sunday, February 26, 2006

PIMP Landmate

So here's something I've been working on in my spare time (instead of drawing the strip). Yeah I know get off your lazy ass a draw!!! It was for a contest where you took a small set and "Pimped" it MTV style. I didn't go with the LCD monitors and hot tubs. Just trying to improve the details of the model without compromising the silhouette. Funny how it looks like the robot in my story. Might be subliminal inspiration!!

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    mark kennedy said...

    that's very nice!!! I am impressed at how you created a simple yet very effective backdrop for your picture. It adds a lot, especially when everyone else took a pic with their model propped up on Grandma's dining room table. That tends to remind you that it's LEGO and not an actual kick-ass giant robot!

    RoboTaeKwon-Z said...

    This looks really cool. I give you crap about the strip for 2 reasons:
    a) I like to read it,
    b) I'm jealous that you have skills other than drawing.
    "hunting skills, nunchuck skills, bo staff skills.."

    Skribbl said...

    Hey thanks guys!

    Mark: The backdrop is paper from Swains!! It's funny, I've seen pics that the kids take and you can see their underwear in the background!! Bad presentation can kill. As you can see I've put alot into the background to cover up the lack of bling on my mech.

    roboTK-Z: Crap taken. But you do have skillz yo! You can rip the eyeball out of somebody's face with a roundhouse!!! N-word please.

    Skribbl said...

    Oh and if you call playing with toys and not doing your chores "skillz"....then I have it in spades!

    mark kennedy said...

    You have the mad skillz. Don't discount the fact that you can paint a shed. Seriously, I wouldn't even try that. Why is it taking so long though? What's the secret, and is that what makes it take so long?

    I didn't realize that that was paper! I thought it was those big flat lego bases. You are the master of presentation, as always. Hey, does the public vote on the lego competition? Tell us where we can vote for you!

    Skribbl said...

    Mark: The public cannot vote. Sorry. :-(

    mark kennedy said...

    Oh. Well good luck anyway! Let us all know how it turns out!

    Hope you will post more strips soon, I'm hooked. If you are bored of the strips I understand and hope you will continue to post more cool stuff here in any case!!

    j-to-the-edwards said...


    oh no you did-n't! you painted those wheel wells silver, didn't youse??

    you KNOW how i feel about altering lego pieces (unless, of course, it's mace windu's sabre like @ )

    Skribbl said...

    No J-to the Edwards! Sacriledge!!! They came in some car set that was on sale. The rims be painted like dat yo! They was blingin even before I got there!

    Skribbl said...

    And Mark,

    Thanks for asking for the strips. Work is crazy as we a re prepping for a major screening. And I don't even think about trying to do it at home with kids...

    Soon my brotha, soon.

    Skribbl said...

    I didn't mean doing "it" with the kids I meant drawing the strip at home. Sheesh! Dirty minded bastards!!

    virginia joaquin said...

    hi! skribbl, nice picture there.. this is bj's mom. thank you for your comments on my blog.. actually all the picture are all taken by my son bj. the leche plan and the custard are almost the same it just leche is milk in spanish but the way i make it are like this. 12 egg yolk only; 1 can evap.milk 1 condensed. whisk gently so that no bubble then instead of caramel for syrup i use the mapple syrup or honey on the molder i steam for 30 min. done. thanks again. ask some of recipe and i will give you the answer if i knew how to cook it. and ye! man. i am a pilipina..iforgot the sugar for caramel half cup of white,cuz' you have condensed milk okey.

    RoboTaeKwon-Z said...

    skribble skribble...uh...okay. Sorrry. Just writing down that tasty recipe.
    Okay. To answer Mark K, it's a reeeeally big shed, and it keeps raining, which delays the painting a bit.
    Skribbl. You owe us like a months worth of strips, yo.
    Make with the cartoons already.

    Skribbl said...

    Thanks Virginia for the reciepe!! I'll pass it on to the wife! My mom's custard uses 12 egg yolks too! I loved it as a kid but I don't think my doctor won't let me near 2 egg yolks!! So you have two blogs?? Too many reciepes eh??

    Robo! Yeah I owe about a months worth *hangs head in shame* but I did post one today!! Yeah for me!